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Endorsement of Action Plan on Diamond Open Access

The 'Action Plan on Diamond Open Access' was launched in March 2022 by a group of organisations who want to further improve the efficiency, quality standards, capacity building, and sustainability of Diamond Open Access. It focuses on alignment and the building of common resources and aims to support the creation of an inclusive worldwide community that is equipped with the tools to strengthen existing Diamond Open Access journals and platforms, and to increase their visibility.

This initiative works towards a scholarly publishing infrastructure that is equitable, community-driven, and academic-led and -owned, to enable the global research community to take charge of a scholarly communication system by and for research communities. It therefore welcomes all researchers, organisations, disciplines, and journals who share its vision and ethos to endorse the Action Plan.

Endorsing the Action Plan does not entail any financial commitment, but makes you part of the Diamond Open Access community and engages you in the creation of conditions that will strengthen the sector. An overview of endorsing persons and organisations will be publicly available.


To endorse the Action Plan on Diamond Open Access, Science Europe will need to process some of your personal data. We take your privacy very seriously. Our privacy notice explains how we process and store your data. For this particular initiative:

  • Science Europe will process your first name, last name, email address, function title, and the name of the organisation you work for. It may share these data with the other organisations leading this initiative: cOAlition S, OPERAS, and the French National Research Agency, where necessary.
  • As the processing of these data is based on consent, we will keep a record of these until you withdraw your consent or the processing is no longer required in the context of the Diamond Open Acess initiative.
  • If you endorse the Action Plan as an individual, Science Europe will publish your data in a publicly available overview of endorsers, except for your email address.
  • If you endorse the Action Plan on behalf of your organisation, we will not publish any of your personally identifiable data, but may use these to verify the endorsement of your organisation, if necessary.
  • Science Europe and the other organisations leading this initiative may use your email address to keep you informed about developments related to the Diamond Open Access initiative.

Please read the Science Europe privacy notice carefully, as well as those of the other organisations leading the Diamond Open Access initiative. If you do not agree with these notices, please do not fill out this registration form and contact the Science Europe Office directly.